Peacefulness: Laying back in the water, eyes closed, knowing I'm back where everything started.

Playing Cards

The player looked down at her cards, watching the colors and shapes waltz across the white backgrounds. The King of Diamonds jumped across the three of spades, trying to draw the attention of the Queen of Clubs, but the Queen was too busy dancing with the Joker. In his anger, the King of Diamonds stole... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Truck Stops

Visiting a truck stop is near the top of the list of things that evoke the feeling of travel for me, along with standing in the lobby of a hotel and perusing brochures at a rest stop. Those three things always make me feel like I'm on vacation miles away from home, even if I'm... Continue Reading →

Drifting Blossoms

My idea of the ideal summer aesthetic. Nothing says "escape and relaxation" like flowers drifting sedately in a calm, clear pool. In a time when full-scale getaways may feel out of reach, at least we can still capture the atmosphere.


After driving non-stop for an hour, it was time for a break. He pulled off into the Alabama welcome center in Grand Bay and got out, feeling the rush of seeing a view he couldn’t see from his balcony. He was greeted by statues of dolphins, octopi, catfish, and other sea creatures. Coming closer, he... Continue Reading →

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