Discarded Novel Opening

The way my current work-in-progress manuscript originally opened. I later decided to skip this scene and start the novel at a later point, but I still thought this was a fun moment.   There was the sound of performance-grade fireworks, then a pillar of blue flame erupted on the living room sofa. When the inferno... Continue Reading →



Part seventeen of Misplaced Fire The newly renamed Mount Clements floated above the shipyard where the Singing River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Isabelle and Jason hadn’t intended to bring their mountain to Pascagoula, Mississippi, but they both liked Pascagoula, and they both liked watching tugboats, so it was fine.They were sitting on the... Continue Reading →

Stand Alone Story: Lost Episodes

Jason walked out on the balcony and found Nesrin there reading one of her journals, apparently one of the early ones, since the volume was a parchment scroll. He and Nesrin smiled at each other and she returned to her reading. He sat down and started reading a news article on his phone. Out of... Continue Reading →

Audience Participation

Part sixteen of Misplaced Fire There were footsteps behind them. The man from the shop was now on the roof. Nesrin and Ceylan’s eyes turned black, Dinah showed her fangs, and Aravis huffed through her nose and stomped her foot. The man said, in a woman’s voice, “I see we’re nearing a boiling point.” The... Continue Reading →

A Safety Valve Bursts

A locomotive let off steam, and the roar made it suddenly safe for the sound to come out. It came unpushed and unbidden, erupting out of the throat, then reverberating off the trees and filling the valley. It wasn't a scream. It was a lifetime of buildup, every truth that could never be spoken, every... Continue Reading →

Roadside Attraction

Part fifteen of Misplaced Fire It was still the early morning hours, the sun just starting to peak over the mountains. They had a long time until it was time for their dinner show. Ceylan and Aravis reasoned that the presence of a crowd meant something had to be open, leading them to walk off... Continue Reading →

Mountain Getaway

Part fourteen of Misplaced Fire Downtown Gatlinburg was lit up in its full glory, The smell of fudge, burgers, and tour trolleys permeated the air. There was a crowd, but they weren’t trampling each other. Nesrin and Aravis automatically compared the lights, crowds, and smells to the Mobile Mardi Gras festivities they’d been part of... Continue Reading →

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