Julrane 1


I decided to do a portrait for Julrane of the Sea Dwellers next because I love this character. She also gets a drabble to herself for the same reason.


As soon as Nesrin was asleep Julrane grabbed a flower she’d been hiding and snuck out to plant it. She knew Nesrin was named after a certain land flower, and she’d been fairly confident she could breed a variety that grew underwater. It had taken almost a year of secret nighttime trial and error to create the white and blue-green rose she now held. Now all she had to do was dig in the sand, which she loved doing anyway, and wait till morning for Nesrin to see it, which would be easily the hardest part of the process.

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  1. David, the entire paragraph has some kind of achemical quality to it. That is how it feels to me. Nesrin was named after a land flower. Julianne creates the white and blue-green rose which grows underwater. A year of trail an error. Now she will have to dig in the sand… fluidity of elements. I am really mesmerized! I want to read more!


    1. I love this interpretation of this piece! Very deep and insightful (not to mention generous). I especially like the description of the feel as “alchemical,” since it captures the spirit of her secret experimention well. I’m also honored that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you for your comment; it truly warms my heart

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