Drabble: Consider

Gobelen shook his head and smiled. He seemed more amused than insulted that we questioned whether we really saw him or not.

“You still doubt your senses, Dear Rescuers. You still believe the jinn to be merely the creations of stories, found nowhere but in the minstrel’s song. Why do you wonder so when we’ve been talking all through the night? I tell you we a very real, and not only us. Consider something with me—consider that all myths have their roots in reality, and that all stories have some truth to teach. Open your minds and let me fill them with images of the horned and winged horses, and the folk that dwell in the waters. Let me reveal the image of the chimera, unravel the legends of dragons. I will tell you a story of the wonders I communed with before my imprisonment. Only listen with open mind and heart, and soon you will marvel, as I do, at what God has created.”

Published by

David Wesley Woolverton

I recently completed the masters program at the University of South Alabama with a concentration in creative writing. I completed my undergraduate work at Spring Hill College in 2017 with a double major in creative writing and theology. My primary interests include trains, books, and daydreaming. I grew up in the Fowl River area of Alabama surrounded by family members telling stories, which is where my love of my craft began.

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