Drabble: Reentering the World

I looked up as my newly released genie friend appeared in the room. “How’d it go?”

Gobelen reclined in the air. “You will rejoice to know that your generous concern about my being harassed was not warranted. I spent the early morning in your worship place resuming my prayers, then began learning what has transpired while I was imprisoned.”

“So, thoughts on how the world turned out?”

“It has declined greatly, thanks equally to my people and yours. What you call ‘modern conveniences’ seem to me the most inconvenient folly, especially since you seem unable to maintain any of it, but I will admit that some would be good if they were used correctly. I was also astonished to find that the age when intelligence and wisdom are most attainable is the age when they are most ignored. I feel I can do much to correct this, but for now I will alleviate my lamentations with the humorous videos on YouTube.”

Published by

David Wesley Woolverton

I recently completed the masters program at the University of South Alabama with a concentration in creative writing. I completed my undergraduate work at Spring Hill College in 2017 with a double major in creative writing and theology. My primary interests include trains, books, and daydreaming. I grew up in the Fowl River area of Alabama surrounded by family members telling stories, which is where my love of my craft began.

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