The Vengeful Pirate

Been working on a short story for class, and during the brainstorming process I came up with this opening. Don’t know if it’ll end up fitting the story for class, but since it’s close to Halloween, I thought the tone and subject matter made it worth sharing here as a flash fic. 


For a time I not only roamed the oceans of Earth, I was everything fearful about them. The seas were my domain and sailors obeyed me. I have taken relatively few pseudonyms over the millennia, and they’ve usually been a variation of my true name, such as ‘Nesrin Halfire’ instead of ‘Nesrin the Half Fire.’ However, I’ve also had a few more strategic aliases, such as Daeva Jonah.

Though it’s spiraled beyond what I planned now, my masquerade was originally aimed at one specific crew of sailors. I figured, if appearing in my hidden form didn’t terrify them to insanity, announcing myself right in my name as the wicked spirit of someone known to cause storms would. Of course it meant pretending I was a man, which in my human form would have meant burdensome costumes, but no one seems to care what you look like when you’re made of fire. I still relish the looks on their faces, especially when I drug them and their ship into the deep with the mere sound of my voice.

Notice I didn’t say, “to their grave.” I made well sure they lived to see the sea dweller  city they’d destroyed for its treasures. A sea dweller from that city released me from the lamp I was crammed into during the Great Capturing. The city was once known as Gulfia; now it’s my locker. There my crew reenact zombified scenes of their crimes until I need them again to track the next offenders.

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