Ceylan Portrait and Character Squeezes


Presenting a portrait of Ceylan, Nesrin’s closest sister and advisor to Her Exalted Highness Samira Sila the Rebellious.


Also presenting a sequence of one-clause personality summaries of the main characters and more important recurring characters, just for the fun of it:

Nesrin Halfire – Whatever she needs to be at the time.

Isabelle Clements – Once was lost, now knows where she’s going.

Jason Clements – Impulsive, unobservant, well-meaning.

HEH Samira Sila TR – Can be overcome (barely) only by her descendants.

Ceylan Halfire – Her mother’s child.

Julrane of the Sea Dwellers – The loneliest hearts are often the truest.

Published by

David Wesley Woolverton

I recently completed the masters program at the University of South Alabama with a concentration in creative writing. I completed my undergraduate work at Spring Hill College in 2017 with a double major in creative writing and theology. My primary interests include trains, books, and daydreaming. I grew up in the Fowl River area of Alabama surrounded by family members telling stories, which is where my love of my craft began.

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