The Power of Alhana

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and post. Part of the reason (among other things) is that I spent a few days at the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society convention in St. Louis, Missouri, where I had the opportunity to read a selection of my flash fiction as part of a panel. It was my first time participating in a reading of that sort, so it was a thrilling experience. The flash fiction sequence I read reused some of the posts I’ve published on here, and also featured new material centered on the characters, so I thought I’d post the new scenes here as well, starting with this one. The previous posts that appeared in the sequence are: Meanwhile, The Bottle Opens, Reentering the World, A Hidden Image, and The Traveler.



Fire flashed from Alhana’s eyes, and Gobelen was forcibly changed back into his human form, which began aging swiftly as the building around them turned to dust that blew into the wind. The clouds turned to rocks and began falling around them while the ground evaporated like steam.

“Look around you, Mithal, and alter what you see if you can. You may the Caliph of all Jinn, but I am the Prophetess to the Caliph, and you will hear my words if I must lock you in a thousand bottles first. Do you yield?”

“Cease your signs, Prophetess, I yield.”

The world began returning to normal. Alhana’s eyes dimmed as her power was reigned in. “Good. You will accompany me to the Great Hall, where we can discuss matters in a manner befitting the dignity of our powers.”

It wasn’t until Gobelen nodded that she returned him to normal as well.

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  1. Beautiful written, David. The return to normal… yet we can see glimpses of the fantastic world from which the return takes place.

    “you will hear my words if I must lock you in a thousand bottles first” What a splendid phrase! It has power ; it captivates.

    I am in love with this piece.

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