Double Drabbles: “Soon” and “Sempiternal”

After our ordeal Gobelen teleported us home and let us collapse on the couch. It was a nice rest until we noticed the word “soon” written in giant, smokey letters across the wall.

“What is it?” Jonathan asked.

“It is a note from Wathanni.”

I asked, “What does it mean?”

“It means I can expect a more definite confrontation before long, most likely without warning.” Gobelen reverted to his human form in what I hoped was a show of confidence, but to be honest, I was passing out while I had the chance whether it was or it wasn’t.


I stood with Alhana in the Great Hall. I still didn’t know exactly where that was geographically, but I’d learned not to ask.

She said, “Tell me, why are you not more concerned about Wathanni’s challenge to Mithal?”

I just shrugged. “Because genies live forever. For you ‘soon’ could mean a millennium from now.”

“That is not exactly true, Young One. You suppose that the jinn are eternal. In reality we are merely sempiternal. We may live forever, but true eternalness implies that one is not effected by time. We are just as aware of every second that passes as you are. No, when Wathanni says he will challenge Mithal soon, he means ‘soon’ very much the same way you would.”

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