Narrative Poem: Julrane’s Net

Waterwheel Net.jpg

Julrane’s next project involved her garden’s waterwheel plants,

Which entangled her feet, as though catching invaders.


At first she had fun watching her step,

But it impeded her properly tending other plants.


Another problem confronted not only Julrane, but Gulfia;

The problem of sea-serpents, dendans, and other invaders


Swimming over the city walls to do damage.

Julrane was unconcerned, trusting her mind and plants.


She planted rows of waterwheels along the wall,

Growing nets to entangle any wild, destructive invaders.


Each trapped creature was carried into the distance

in cutoff net sections, which regrew, being plants.


Julrane, however, left herself one small waterwheel bed.

Distraction though it was, she liked playing invader.

4 thoughts on “Narrative Poem: Julrane’s Net

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  1. Ah, Julrane is back! I love her. She and her ” garden’s waterwheel plants.” She traps creatures and carries them into the distance. She plays invader!
    What a magical piece of writing, David. You really mesmerize me!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I remember. It gave a word to something that was developing in the character but that I hadn’t pinned down yet. I still think that word perfectly sums up her creative and sometimes experimental approach to her work.


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