A Thank You, a Reset, and an Apologia


Although it seems like hardly any time has passed, I have been blogging for barely over a year now, and I want to thank everyone who has viewed, liked, and commented throughout that year. Your support and encouragement has meant a great deal to me, and I hope you found the content worthwhile. 

This past year I’ve learned about the importance of consistently posting, aesthetics, and so on. Consistency in particular has been my weakness because grad school zapped my time and energy. My recent graduation means I now have the time to run the blog the way I’ve wanted to, with a new resolve to post every Monday and Friday. Friday’s posts will be short installments of an extended serialized story; Monday’s will be more varied – drabbles, novel excerpts, poems, random observations, depending on my inspiration. 

I also decided to overhaul the site itself. As you will have noticed, the blog has switched from the ‘Twenty Fifteen’ theme to ‘Baskerville 2,’ which in my opinion has a better aesthetic and set up, and certainly has a preferable menu. This theme also gave me a chance to improve the blog’s header image. Additionally, the posts have now been categorized, with a bank of categories on the bottom of the page for filtering posts. The result, I hope, is a more professional looking site. 

This next part is something I wanted to let you know about before I do. I’m going to sign up for WordAds, which means that ads will now appear on the site and, at no cost to you, I will receive a small monetary amount when my site is viewed. I went back and forth on this, but from what I’ve seen on other sites, the ads do not appear to be too intrusive, and this is something I should be able to reverse if it doesn’t work out. Mainly this is a way I can hopefully generate a bit of extra income while pursuing my writing. 

Thank you again for reading and liking. You have given me such joy over the year, and in return I hope I am able to give you some enjoyment and satisfaction in the things I write in the year to come.

7 thoughts on “A Thank You, a Reset, and an Apologia

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      1. Please, don’t mention. I want to change my theme too, but despite the fact that I know how to do it I am afraid I will lose my content. Which cannot happened. It’s an irrational fear. Now that you’ve done it I might do it too 🙂

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        1. I can certainly understand the anxiety about the loss of content; I wondered about that as well. I can definitely say now, though, that the risk is minimal. The main snag seems to be having to learn how new posts act in the new theme; how the images and text are arranged, for example.

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