Above the Noise and Lights


Part one of Misplaced Fire

Nesrin was counting on the darkness of night, coupled with the blinding sounds and deafening spectacles of Mardi Gras in the Port City, to distract audiences when she appeared on the roof of the Convention Center with Isabelle and Jason. She wasn’t disappointed. A two-story lighted freight train that went on for four linked floats currently had claim on the city’s attention.

“Remember, this thin ledge is all we have, so be careful or you’ll become a throw.”

Jason said, “Give us some credit, Nesrin,” right before his foot slipped off the edge and he had to be saved by Isabelle snagging his jacket and pulling him back. He latched his arms around her waist tight enough to knock her down.

Both their lives and a little of Nesrin’s flashed before Isabelle’s eyes when she felt the roof under her back and not under her foot. She didn’t breath until they stopped moving. “Ostras, Jason! I can’t hold us both up all night.” She stopped fussing and tightened her own grip when she felt Nesrin levitating them to their feet.

Nesrin shook her head. “I’ve been too boring with you two. You should be way more comfortable with something like this by now.”

It took them another few seconds to separate. Isabelle was the first to speak.

“Maybe standing down in the crowd would be better after all.”

Jason nodded like a bobblehead.

Nesrin shrugged. “You’re the one that wanted a clear view of Aravis.” She grabbed their shoulders to take them down, but Isabelle took her hand off.

“It’ll be fine. We’ll be careful.”

Jason rolled his eyes, then slowly sat down and held his legs to his chest, especially when a pinecone sized fireball flew above them from the direction of the Mobile River.

The fireball landed out of sight in the alley between two buildings.

Nesrin pointed for Isabelle. “Watch that spot. She’ll be coming out right where that shooting star went.”


Link to next installment: https://anindeterminatenumberofnights.blog/2019/06/28/an-interrupted-interruption/

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