Meeting Dinah

Dinah and Jason.png

Part thee of Misplaced Fire

Aravis and Dinah were standing on top of a mountain overlooking Dinah’s jungle on one side and a seemingly infinite wall of hardened white tar on the other. The ground was warm, and the grass was a dull reddish brown, with a consistency more like animal hair. Aravis had taken off everything but her dress, so she could see how the reddish hints in the ground brought out the reddish hints in her skin. It was a definite contrast to Dinah’s, which was pale and thin to the point of looking like tissue paper. Her veins and arteries were clearly visible, especially since they glowed from the yellow fire coursing through them. Her long, straight hair, though, was night black, albeit with increasing highlights of flame further down.

They were both looking at a distortion in the wall, a vertical line indented between chips and wrinkles that were glaring against the smooth surface.

Dinah shook her head. “Gotta be where the little blighter escaped. Only place the beast could stage a runner without help.” She was about to elaborate when Nesrin, Isabelle, and Jason appeared beside her. “Glad you’ve come, Sis. You can tell us where my Liogon went.”

“Why would you think I know?”

“You studied telling the unknown.”

“Not on random animals I haven’t seen.”

Isabelle, letting them carry on, walked around them to Aravis. “Me encantaba your costume, Ms. Qu…” She stopped when she saw Aravis’ expression. “I mean, Aravis.”

“Thanks! Maybe next time you’ll get to see the whole performance.” She watched Dinah’s eyes land on Jason. “Least this is more of an adventure.”

Dinah maneuvered a few steps in his direction with a crooked grin. “This has to be Jason. You were right, that hair is fire orange. Almost like one of us.”

Jason’s mouth opened and closed while his mind spun looking for a response. His cheeks went redder than his hair.

She stepped a little closer, showing her fangs. “Must be one of us after all; see, he’s changing to his fire form.” She brushed his shoulder with hers. “And skin that tissue white, he must be half estrie like me.” She locked her pale green glowing eyes on his. “Anything to say for yourself? Come on.”

“I, sorry, I, I just,”

Laughing, Nesrin grabbed Dinah’s shoulder and pulled her away. “Back, Dinah. Isabelle’d never forgive me if I let you kill him.”

Jason jumped back.

Dinah’s laugh was a slightly darker tone of Nesrin’s. “Sooth your nerves; I don’t bite anymore. Got more important issues to address anyway. That Liogon isn’t coming back on its own.”

Isabelle gave Aravis a questioning look.

“You’ve heard of ligers and tigons? This is a liogon. It’s a lion/dragon hybrid, and it just escaped to we have no clue where through an exit only jinn are supposed to be able to use.”

A shudder went through the ground and the mountain started to tilt.


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