How to Track Your Dragon/Lion Hybrid


Part five of Misplaced Fire

Dinah considered what to say about Jason’s ‘efforts’ with his phone, decided they didn’t merit dignifying with a response, and didn’t provide one. She did however, cut her eyes at Nesrin.

Nesrin telepathically told her sister, “Yes, he’s always like that.”

First light was just breaking. It was still a little too dark to see distant smoke clearly, but the three partial jinn could perceive fairly well that there was nothing there to see.

Nesrin summoned a black marble bowl with a mirror-lined inside and a biconvex glass lens as a bottom. It was full of water. “Dinah, put your hand in here.”

“Knew you had me covered.” Dinah put her hands in the water. “Hang about. Just thought of something.” She summoned a small thorn. “Pulled this out of his paw day I rescued him. Help anchor the image to this specific liogon.” She held the thrown under the water.

Aravis summoned a thin sheet of lodestone with a map of the known and unknown world etched into it. “Hold the bowl over this. When the bowl projects the image we can get the exact location instead of having to analyze the liogon’s surroundings.”

Isabelle grabbed one end of the map. “Let me help hold it.”

Jason said, “I found a tweet about a lizard lion in St. Louis, Missouri.”

Isabelle was the only one to look at him. “Does it show a picture?”

Dinah, Aravis, and Nesrin rolled their eyes.

“Not gone long enough for an internet report yet.”

Jason brought the phone to Isabelle and held it where she could see the picture. The animal in the picture had the chest, mane, and front paws of a lion, a scaly back leading down a lower half that was distinctly snake-like, and a face that was best described as a lion with snake eyes and teeth. Isabelle mentally debated with herself. I guess I can’t say I know without seeing one before, but what else could possibly look like that?

She read the tweet aloud.  “What welcomes you to work at the St. Louis City Museum. #lizardlion #trippy #slcm”

Nesrin huffed. “Sorry about those two.”

The bowl lit up and a projection came out of the bottom, showing the liogon stalking inside a rocky cave.

Nesrin tilted her head at the image. “Is that Qumran? I know it’s not Majlis al Jinn.”

Aravis watched closely as the spot on her map started to glow bright red, in North America. “Oh for the love of thunder and rain.”

Isabelle landed a defiant finger on the spot. “St. Louis, Missouri.”

Dinah was frozen in a stunned struggle to make sense out of any shred of the last two minutes.

Jason laughed. “Wanna talk about internet usage now?”

Dinah showed her fangs and Jason leapt towards Isabelle.


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5 thoughts on “How to Track Your Dragon/Lion Hybrid

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  1. Oh, I love this read. For some reason it made me smile. Perhaps because you were at that conference in St. Louis, Missouri. However, how well you play it here. Your characters are alive, the little story keeps the reader glued to the screen.
    You made my morning, David.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you, G! It’s true, I did choose the location largely because of the fond memories I have of that trip. Some of the things I found, though, are too good not to use somehow. I am glad it didn’t feel blatantly forced, and that you’re enjoying the story. Your comments always make my morning as well. Have a lovely day!

      Liked by 1 person

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