The Adventure Hits the Rock


Part seven of Misplaced Fire

Aravis’ hand emerged from the liogon’s mane with a thick, plain, silver bracelet baring a substantial cluster of jagged, transparent, yellow rock.

Dinah swatted the bracelet out of her hand and she and Nesrin both took a step back as it hit the floor. “That’s saGkramastone. Thank Heaven Above you didn’t touch it.”

“But I did touch it.”

Nesrin and Dinah held their breath and grabbed her.

“Only through the liogon’s hair. I didn’t touch it directly.”

Her aunts let go and relaxed.

Nesrin, slightly shaking, picked up the bracelet, holding the stone away from herself. “Aravis, saGkramastone rips out a portion of a hidden one’s essence and places it in the first non-hidden one host it encounters. Touching a stone like this is what reduced King Harun to an invalid and turned him blue.”

“I’ve never heard that story.”

Dinah took the bracelet from Nesrin to look at. “You’re young, Ara. Lot you’ve not come across yet.” She carefully turned the bracelet over, looking for markings. “What was it doing in my jungle?”

The liogon turned into fire again.

Nesrin petted its cheek to calm it down and return it to normal. “Hadn’t we better do something about him before we start trying to figure that out?”

“Right. Course.” Dinah made swirling motions in front of the liogon’s face and hummed until it fell asleep, then she touched the stone to its side.

The sound of rushing wind filled the room. Fire flared out of the liogon and was sucked into the stone, which glowed neon yellow at the end of the process.

“Better take this one home. Coming?”

Aravis nodded. “I wanna find out more about this stone thing.”

Nesrin said, “Me too, just let me grab Isabelle and Jason.” Her eyes glowed gold and she reached out both hands. Her roommates appeared in front of them. Jason was posed as if he was leaning over a balcony while Isabelle was a tilted angle. They both lost their balance and fell as Nesrin let go.  “Sorry you two, but we finished up here and we’re headed back to Dinah’s.”

Jason rubbed his hands. “You can’t just come back for us?”

“That would mean an extra trip.”

Jason rolled his eyes and got to his feet. That’s when he noticed the bracelet. “What’s that thing?” He grabbed it without thinking.

Dinah grabbed his wrist. “Careful with that!”

Jason lurched free and tripped over Isabelle. He put the hand with the bracelet under him to try catch himself. The same time he landed her on top of her, fire sprung from the bracelet and covered both their bodies amid the sound of a fierce wind storm.


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