Jinn Siblings

Part eight of Misplaced Fire

When the fiery winds cleared Isabelle and Jason looked normal, if panicked. They were both patting themselves all over making sure a) they were still alive, and b) nothing was burnt off. Neither of them could feel heat anywhere. Actually they both felt stronger than ever. Their whole bodies were tingling, like being electrocuted without the sting.

Dinah reached towards them and Jason vanished. Isabelle shifted towards the spot he’d vacated and slammed head-first into the wall a few feet away. Jason reappeared, this time in a six and half feet tall body made of fire. Isabelle turned her face towards him and burst into flames herself. Though both stood still a moment and reverted to normal.

This time no one moved towards the bracelet.

The liogon growled through its teeth and Dinah shuffled towards it.

“Guess I should…”

Aravis and Nesrin both nodded.

Dinah put her arms around the liogon’s shoulder and performed the motions to take it back to the Jungle.

When she was gone Nesrin tried to pick the bracelet up. She got her hand close, then drew it back. “I’m being silly.” She reached down again and stopped just before touching the thing. “Just do it, Nesrin.” She put a finger to the metal part, then finally picked it up. She stepped cautiously towards her roommates. “Guy’s, you feeling okay?”

Isabelle’s lip twitched. “Little afraid to move, but other than that.”

Jason timidly lifted his right hand to look at. “Is this what it’s always like for you?”

“I can’t really say since only you know what you’re feeling, but probably.” Nesrin held the bracelet a little higher. “You’d eventually get used to whatever that is, but you don’t wanna keep powers you can’t control, do you?”

The two siblings just looked at each other.

Nesrin took a step closer. “You guys up to reversing the process?”

Neither responded.


Isabelle turned her eyes to Nesrin, then back to Jason. “We’re like her now.”

Jason nodded. “The flying, the conjuring, we can do anything they can do now.”

“But neither of you know how to channel it.” Nesrin held the bracelet between them. “Come on, put your hands on the stone.”

They both walked away.

“Either touch the stone yourselves or I’ll force it.”

Aravis put a hand on Nesrin’s shoulder. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Aunt Nes.”

“I’m more worried about them doing something they’ll regret.”

“You don’t know they will.”

“That much power in untrained hands, I do know it.”

Jason’s eyes glowed red. “You don’t trust us.” His body combusted.

Nesrin lowered the bracelet. “It’s not a lack of trust, it’s an objective assessment. You can’t even control which body you’re in.”

Jason took a step towards Nesrin, but Isabelle stepped in front of him. He went back to normal.

Isabelle said, “If that’s the only problem, then why you teach us? We’re untrained? Bien, then train us.”

Nesrin pursed her lips and didn’t respond.

It was only a moment before the silence got too loud for Aravis. “Aunt Nesrin? What ya think?”


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Link to previous installments: https://anindeterminatenumberofnights.blog/category/misplaced-fire/

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