A Little Abstract Imagery

Imagery 6.85x11 horizontal

“And now for something completely different.”

An abstract painting from my Etsy site, titled Imagery.  Can you see the title in the lines?

Backstory: This was done for an undergraduate design class. We were promised extra points if we could successfully incorporate imagery in an abstract design. This was my tongue-in-cheek response.

5 thoughts on “A Little Abstract Imagery

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    1. Certainly! The title is “Imagery.”

      Start at the viewer’s bottom right. One corner of the letter “I” is off the page, but the black and white tubes form the shape of the letter. Now move up the right side of the page. The section where the tubes start to zig-zag is the letter “M.” “A” is at the top. The curved tube in the middle near the top is the letter “G”, which is the most distorted letter in the piece. (Part of the “A” also forms part of the “G”.) The “E” is, of course, the most concrete letter. From “E”, move down the left side to find “R” and “Y”.

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