Charcoal Prison

Jonathan and I collapsed onto the coal-covered ground and gave in to the exhaustion. Being imprisoned in a drawing  hadn’t been on the list things we’d prepared for when we’d woken up that morning, and because of that we weren’t ready for tearing down a wall made of runes so Gobelen could zap us home. Just before I let myself pass out I heard his voice saying “My friends, I know you have been through much, but you must get up and keep going. Take heart, however, for I have traversed our prison, and I believe I have found a means to hasten our escape.

For a while I wondered whether all this was worth it, whether we were wrong to join Gobelen in his race against Wathanni, but then I remembered; destiny. There was probably nothing else we could have done. Problem was, that meant we had to get up and keep going.

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