Consulting an Advisor

Ceylan and the moon

Part ten of Misplaced Fire

Nesrin had never been overly comfortable in Lesslight. She’d given Jason and Isabelle the impression that the Great Hall was the center of the Hidden Realm, and on earth it was, but Samira’s real capital and base of operations was a city carved into the core of Earth’s Moon. The hidden ones that resided on earth were merely a fractional remnant compared to the number that had migrated to Lesslight, and the six rulers who had broken from Samira never ventured there.

Nesrin had gone straight to the Minor Court. The walls were sliver marble, the ceiling pearl, the floor ruby, and the windows glass smoke. She’d expected to find Ceylan where she always was, attending royal business. She wasn’t disappointed.

Ceylan’s eyes bugged when she saw the stone. “Mother let you use that?”

“Not exactly, and your question answers mine. Apparently we better go somewhere private.”

They went to Nesrin’s rooms in the palace. The design was the same as the Minor Court, but emptier. All she kept there was a bed she’d acquired during her formal education at the Mouseion (go Muses!), a few books she had multiple copies of, and the lamp she’d been imprisoned in during the Great Capturing. The last item still made her recoil on sight, and yet this was the closest she’d been able to come to disposing of the cursed thing.

Ceylan paced as Nesrin gave her the recap.

“Could it be Harun’s?” Nesrin asked.

“The Scroll of the Story says that stone emptied itself into a human in the BCs.”

“What about Ba…”

“Do not speak that name.”

“What about the Traitor Whose Name We Don’t Use?”

“The Traitor didn’t get stoned; they got turned to ash and dispersed in the Palace of Mirrors.”

They both shuddered.

Ceylan said, “I’m not sure who it is matters, because I highly doubt they had agency in the occurrence.”

“But if we knew who it was we could comb their associates for potential leads.”

“Touché.” Ceylan tilted her head. “Can’t you tell who it is? You studied reading the unknown.”

Nesrin looked out the window.

Ceylan clicked her tongue. “You didn’t finish the course, did you?”

“I moved on to something else.”

“That is the most in character statement you have ever made.”

“Look, can you just come and do the reading?”

Ceylan laughed and nodded.

Just before they teleported to the apartment, Ceylan paused. “One wonders if we’re overlooking the obvious.”

Nesrin’s expression became a lot more furtive. “It wouldn’t surprise me, but let’s not chance getting Mother involved till there’s no other option.”


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