Novel Quotes Out of Context

A selection of quotes from my work-in-progress manuscript, but without any of the surrounding scenes. I still don’t have a working title I’m happy with, but to be honest I find it’s best if I create the title last anyway; that way the title fits the work instead of me forcing the work to fit the title.


The next second Nesrin’s funnel cake was ignited by a snake that had flown over a tent and thrown fire out of its mouth before coiling itself on the table.


It hadn’t, however, sunk them before the pirates could slam down a gangway and cross it with the only cargo they’d brought from their ship, a potted tree and four lions.


She was trying to kick a clay ball towards an eagle perch so she could get to the moon, but she couldn’t move her legs because she was laying on a floating rock.


“Predators delight in prey deceiving prey.”


“Hey! If you’re trying to attract a rainstorm by making its mating call, I think ya can stop.”

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