Living Their Fantasies

squirrel and hawk

Part twelve of Misplaced Fire

Nesrin’s lips were now twitching to the point of it being more accurate to say they were vibrating. She forced herself to speak to Isabelle and Jason. “Well, for now you’ve got powers I don’t even have. If you’ve ever wanted to shape shift, this is the time.”

Aravis said, “It should come naturally now, just do what you did to turn into fire people.”

Jason squealed and made himself into a squirrel. While he was still trying to look at his own tail Dinah morphed into a hawk and soared in his direction. Jason scurried at the speed of sound under the couch. When Dinah got above the spot she returned to her normal body and landed on the cushions. Jason, for his part, changed into a squirrel with a sword for a tail and came back out. When he saw she was out of attack mode he started climbing the wall, but he kept his sword tail.

Isabelle assumed her madre biologica’s appearance and used her phone as a mirror. The sight of the conspicuous scar bothered her, so she tried the face without it, but her mind refused to accept the gentler version as authentic, so she put the scar back.

“Jason, ¿Puedes hacerme un favor?”

Jason went back to normal and hovered near the ceiling, looking at her.

“Copy this body and pose next to me in some pictures.”

“You mean wear a girl’s body?”

“Why not?” Dinah asked. “You were a girl squirrel.”

Jason’s eyes bugged and he started frantically checking his body.

Isabelle forced out a single tear and made her eyes bigger and her nose slightly smaller until she arrived at an anime style pouty face. “Por favor, pido tan poco.”

Jason sunk lower to the ground as his resolve weakened, and once his feet touched the floor he hung his head and granted Isabelle’s request.

Isabelle put her usual body back on and arranged Jason’s arm around her shoulder. “First we’ll take a selfie together, then I want one of you holding the restaurant from my shelf. Smile.” She stopped to take the picture. As she handed him the restaurant she added, “then we can recreate my high school and college graduations, oh, and a few birthdays.” She positioned him so that he had the building pressed against his cheek and his head tilted towards it. “Now smile big.”

Aravis could taste the quietness in her mother and aunts; it tasted the way a wild berry taste when you take one and wait to find out if its poisonous or not. Dinah was laying on the couch with an amused smirk, Ceylan was rubbing her chin and staring holes into the bracelet, and Nesrin had her hands clasped white-knuckling it while her lip kept on twitching.

Aravis opened her palms. “Is this it?”

Ceylan didn’t avert her gaze from the bracelet. “Until we decide whether to come up with a plan or wait till Mother shows up, yes.”


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