A Jealous Genie

My roommate walked into the home office we’d made out of the spare bedroom and was greeted by the sight of Gobelen sitting with his feet on the desk, holding one of my daggers.

“Welcome back,” the jinni said. “Did you two enjoy your outing?”

“There were people out there. What d’you think?”

“People?” Gobelen asked. “Your people our mine?”

“Ours. So far you’re still the only genie I’ve ever seen.”

“Are you certain? Appearances can be deceiving. For example, some of them are still trapped in bottles like that one on the counter.” He stood and pointed with the dagger to a visibly ancient but seemingly random bottle by the window.

Jonathan shrugged. “Then maybe, but we don’t go around opening bottles at random, so we wouldn’t know if we did. Anyway, you gonna eat?”

“Yes. I shall arrive momentarily.”

Jonathan nodded and walked into the hallway, not noticing the knife barely missing his head and sinking into the wall.

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    1. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that either when I started writing. It is an excerpt, I’m just not 100% sure what it’s an excerpt of yet, which is why I didn’t announce it as such. In the beginning I had plans for Gobelen’s adventures to grow into my first novel, but as my inspirations have shifted, I now think it will become the second novel instead, definitely not the first.


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