(Trying to) Head for the Hills


Part thirteen of Misplaced Fire

After Isabelle took the fifth picture of Jason dressed as her madre, Jason’s face brightened  as if a light bulb had turned on. He whispered something into Isabelle’s ear, then vanished.

Nesrin stood up with such force that it knocked her chair down. “Where did he go?”

Isabelle vanished too.

Nesrin turned on Aravis, trying to come off as curious but nonchalant. “Did you teach them flight or teleportation?”


A car alarm started going off in the parking lot.

“Then I have a feeling that has something to do with them,” Nesrin remarked.

Stepping onto the balcony they saw Isabelle and Jason in the parking lot sprawled on top of a silver car with its whole roof dented in. Thankfully it was still dark and no one was looking. They were more embarrassed than hurt, especially once they saw Nesrin waving.

Jason stood on the car’s roof, not climbing down gracefully with Isabelle.

“I can fix this. I can fix this.”

He raised his hands and the whole car lifted off the ground. He let it go in a panic and it fell with a crunch.

“I can still fix this.”

He snapped his fingers. Fireworks started going off under the car.

At this point Dinah teleported to the ground, snatched Jason and Isabelle both by their collars, and carried them back to the balcony. She waved her right hand in the direction of the car and it returned to normal.

Dinah rolled her eyes, which was becoming a constant habit for her. “Where were you trying to go?”

Jason rubbed the back of his neck and looked away, so Isabelle had to answer.

“Gatlinburg, Tennessee”

Ceylan telepathically told Nesrin and Dinah, “Actually, relocating might throw Mother off our trail.”

Nesrin responded, “She’d just sense where we’d gone and laugh at us for trying.”

Dinah chimed in with, “True, but we’d’ve at least made her go through the effort and forced her to operate in a setting she isn’t used to.”

Aravis, who hadn’t been included in the group conversation, revealed that she’d been eavesdropping by quietly saying, “I wouldn’t mind a trip.”

Dinah verbally said, “Settles it, then. Right, time for some flight lessons. First rule is, never stay in a physical body unless you want to hit something. Second rule is, you still have to know the way to places. You two hadn’t’ve hit the car you would’ve wound up in the Atlantic ocean.”

“You turn invisible they same way you turn into anything else,” Aravis said. “And if you can get out of the apartment, you can fly. As far as finding the way there, just follow us.”

With that, they took off.


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Link to previous installments: https://anindeterminatenumberofnights.blog/category/misplaced-fire/

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