Dinner at Dinah’s


Part nineteen of Misplaced Fire

When the meal started the conversation had been about anything except Jason and Isabelle’s condition. Aravis was still trying to prove a point from a previous argument.

“I know Granny Samira allows full-blooded humans at Lesslight; you met my dad at Lesslight.”

Ceylan swirled the barely wine in her glass. “That was before Nesrin let those astronauts go free in the 1960s.”

Aravis leaned in Nesrin’s direction. “You denied everything during the Apollo 11 Scandal.”

Nesrin swigged her drink. “Your mother helped me deny everything.”

Isabelle and Jason weren’t listening. Jason was experimenting with using the chocolate fondu as a sauce for roasted corn. The fondue overpowered the corn on the first bite. As he chewed the taste became something just a little off from chocolate covered popcorn. It wasn’t until he was several bites in that his mind started to wander. “So since we absorbed your uncle we’re part clone. That’s kind of a weird feeling.”

Dinah coated a chunk of bread in salt. “You were clones before. Most cloning processes, including that used by Harun, boil down to taking cells from a donor and growing them into an independent being, which is essentially what occurs in normal childbirth. The only occasional difference between processes is what kind of cell you start off as.”

Isabelle was still distracted by the potato soup. If the comment had clicked she would have smiled at the implication that she was a piece of her mother. As it was, she was too caught up in the fact that she could actually taste the cream cheese in the soup.


Link to next installment: https://anindeterminatenumberofnights.blog/2019/11/01/the-flicker-before-the-flare/

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4 thoughts on “Dinner at Dinah’s

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  1. Another beautiful, excerpt David. Now they are cooking! Keep me some chocolate fondu. Can’t wait to read more.

    I want to know more about this:

    “I know Granny Samira allows full-blooded humans at Lesslight; you met my dad at Lesslight.”

    Suspense 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you as always, and of course, I have some fondue sat aside with your name on it. 😊

      Ah, I was hoping that little tidbit would grab your attention. I, of course, know how the meeting went, and there’s a lot I could into surrounding the occurrence, but how and when it will come up in the narrative, that I do not quite know yet.

      I hope you have a wonderful evening.

      Liked by 1 person

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