The Flicker Before the Flare

Water Dolphins

Part twenty of Misplaced Fire

In the background, unnoticed by the diners, the water in Dinah’s pool drew itself into a pile and started to rise in a fountain that took the form of two dolphins revolving around each other.

Aravis was the first to see it. “Is that Sapphire Water from the hurricane that’s gonna happen in April?”

Everyone else in the group just stared at her. Nesrin had more of an idea what Aravis meant than anyone else had, but there weren’t enough details for her to comment.

Aravis had several realizations within a couple seconds and said, “Oh, no, never mind.”

Dinah got up to poke one of the dolphins. It was plain, clear sea water.  “Never seen this. Nothing in the water to cause it, or shouldn’t be.”

Nesrin cast an unamused expression at Jason and Isabelle. The dolphins collapsed and the water reverted to normal the second they saw her. “Which of you was doing that?”

Isabelle and Jason both waited for the other respond. When neither did they each deepened their gaze to signal the other to just come out with it.

Nesrin tiled her head like a disappointed parent. “Come on, no one’s actually upset; there’s no reason to lie about it.”

Ceylan smiled. “It actually created a nice atmosphere. I’d rather like it to keep going.”

Jason held up his empty palms. “I’m telling you I didn’t do it.”

Isabelle had her hands over her heart. “I didn’t either.”

Aravis said, “Well someone must have done it.”

Isabelle narrowed her eyes at Nesrin. “Did you do it so we’d think we couldn’t control our powers?”

Nesrin’s nostrils flared. “Apparently you’re still not in your right mind.”

Aravis rubbed the back of her head. “You haven’t exactly been supportive of this, Aunt Nesrin.”

“It IS something you’d do,” Ceylan added.

Nesrin leaned in. “What could I possibly gain from that now that Mother’s taken the stone I need to depower them?”

Dinah said, “Could be garnishing evidence to get Mother to… it isn’t wise to give me that look while under my own roof.” That comment was in response to a face Nesrin had tried to silence her with.

Something whistled past Dinah’s head and skidded to a stop on the table. It was an ancient wooden flute from one of Dinah’s shelves.

Nesrin’s eyes rose to her roommates. “Now you’re just taunting me.”


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