The Flute


Part twenty-one of Misplaced Fire

Dinah picked up the flute from the table. Originally plain wood, she had decorated it in different styles during different eras to reflect the changes in herself. The current iteration was characterized by feathers hanging on black string. She pointed the flute at Nesrin, Isabelle, and Jason. “Whoever moved it, I’d appreciate a request for permission to tamper with anything else of mine.”

Nesrin and Isabelle stared each other down.

Aravis considered ways to change the subject. “Is that the flute you used when you were still…” She realized what she was about to bring back up.

Jason finished the sentence when Aravis didn’t. “When she was still indulging her vampire half? It is, and good thing for me she retired it. If she hadn’t I’d’ve ended up like those Roman senators before we even got to St. Louis.”

Dinah clenched the flute. The look in her eyes made Jason’s blood freeze. “How do you know about them?”

Jason shrugged. “I just did. Is it that unfathomable that I might know one thing?”

Ceylan could feel an alarming suspicion growing in the back of her mind, deteriorating her certainty that the outcome she feared was impossible. “We should continue their lessons without further delay.”

Sparks became visible at the corners of Isabelle’s eyes. “Assuming they’re ready.”

Ceylan tried to make a placating gesture. “My apologies, but I would strongly advise you to start the course on the intentional control of your powers right away, before they start controlling you.”


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