Consuming Fire

flaming dragon

Part twenty-three of Misplaced Fire 

Isabelle looked up at the dragon her brother was currently shaped as, trying and failing to see his eyes. “What do you mean I didn’t?”

“You didn’t do that to Nesrin. I did. Or rather, the half of me you have did.”

Isabelle cocked her head as she tried to think that statement through.

Ceylan beat her to answer. She stated the fact in a neutral voice, the situation having yet to become real in her mind. “Patanī’s taking over.”

That was all Isabelle needed. She morphed into a dragon herself and pined Jason against a wall of the castle, trying to force Patanī back into the background. She was acting on autopilot, operating without thought or a plan. She angrily spoke an incantation in Jinni because it just randomly started pouring out of her mouth. She couldn’t stop the words, and the more she spoke the more she could feel herself falling and the world faded into darkness.

Jason’s body changed from a dragon to a shapeless, raging fire that engulfed Isabelle’s body. After a few moments the flames started dancing more wildly. The fire became smaller until it assumed the silhouette of a distorted human body. When the features formed out of the flames, it was neither Jason or Isabelle standing on the spot, it was Patanī. The shadow he cast was whole.


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