Angry, Irrational Strategizing


Part twenty-five of Misplaced Fire

Dinah and Aravis found Nesrin in the preserved ruins of Karatepe. She was aggressively blasting the moss off a lion statue.

Nesrin didn’t look at them. “I’m getting that bracelet back from Mother.”

Dinah’s voice was deadpan. “Fury is clouding your judgement.”

“Like Gehenna it is.”

“You haven’t got a chance of stealing that bracelet.”

“Stealing?” Aravis asked, “We can’t just ask?”

Nesrin and Dinah stared at her, then gave each other a dark, “Cute when they’re that innocent,” look.

When Ceylan appeared she was already audibly fuming. “…of ever trying to talk sense to a member of this family.”

Nesrin gestured to Ceylan. “She can help me inside.”

Ceylan adjusted her robe. “Inside where?”

Dinah answered. “Mother’s vault to retrieve the saGkramastone.”

Ceylan held her hands in the strangling position. “Nesrin, what in the Spheres do you…?”

Nesrin cut her off. “You expect me to leave them to languish?”

“I expect you to let us plan a rational course of action.”

Aravis interjected. “I keep saying it, just tell Granny Samira what happened.”

Her three elders chorused, “She knows what happened.”

Dinah explained, “Knowing her, she likely predicted this as a probable outcome.”

Nesrin continued, “And if she wanted us to undo it she would have left us the stone.”

Ceylan concluded, “She wanted her brother back.”

Nesrin turned away and started walking. “And I want my friends back.”

Ceylan summoned the lamp Nesrin had been imprisoned in and held it in front of her. “Remember a similar task you undertook at the start of the Great Capturing.”

Nesrin froze, remembering.


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