Fretting Ceylan and Planning Samira

Samira and Ceylan.jpg

Part twenty-seven of Misplaced Fire

Ceylan had returned to her usual post in the Minor Court at Lesslight, since there was nothing she could do anywhere else. Isabelle and Jason had no further need of her guidance, and Nesrin refused to accept it. At least at Lesslight she could watch Samira’s movements and gauge how much danger Nesrin was in. She was careful not to let her thoughts for her sister become to loud, lest they be overheard, but part of her mind was still fuming.

It’s going to be another Apollo 11 debacle. She just had to let those invaders go free. Does she even realize how hard I had to work to keep that from going to trial? And now to attempt this when her last offense is not even a century old. I’ll have to build the defense around her demonstrated loyalty during Bedeea’s coup. That would be easier if one or two points had gone a little differently. I hope my Little Doe obeys my instructions to keep out of this. If Dinah decided to track Nesrin and they both get detained I won’t have any backlash falling on Aravis.

She let the majority of her mind distract itself with a less dangerous question. If Mother wanted her brother back why didn’t she put him into a random human and have done? Unless she didn’t know which stone was his, but even so, there only five, so she could have easily tried them all, unless… Ah. She doesn’t believe King Harun’s stone was already emptied. But that would mean she distrusts the Scroll of the Story.

Samira was exiting the Major Court into the Minor Court. Ceylan turned her mind to a set of petitions that had come before her, but studied Samira’s face as she approached. It showed no signs that Samira bore the weight of a world on her shoulders.

Samira said, “I am quitting the realm for a short stint to see Patanī. In my absence I would like you to escort Nesrin to my storehouse. She has asked permission to peruse some of the trinkets in my collection. Of course once she’s inside she’ll attempt to infiltrate my vault. Your instructions are to watch her progress and see if you can determine how Bedeea got through its defenses this past year.”

Ceylan bowed. “Of course, My Queen.”

Samira disappeared with a regal wave. The bracelet Nesrin aimed to steal had been on Samira’s wrist.


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On this note, I’ll be taking a short hiatus until the new year. Thank you for your readership in 2019, and may you all have a truly magical holiday season leading into a prosperous new year.

4 thoughts on “Fretting Ceylan and Planning Samira

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  1. Hey David. I spent some time with my favorite characters again. Really I like how beautifully you write and how this characters feel so much alive. You are a master of fantasy. There is some reality here too, but at the end of the day you know to take your reader in a place where there is no demarcation between reality and fantasy. Excellent.


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