Stages and Scripts

Ceylan and Dinah undeniably loved each other but they weren’t sure if they liked each other. The first time Ceylan had seen Dinah’s jungle, they had both been leaning strongly towards dislike.

Ceylan had been in costume for a performance Samira was about to stage. In fact Ceylan had only come to borrow a pegasus for the act. Something about the costume and the situation scraped against Dinah’s nerves. Maybe it was the way Ceylan always played into Samira’s every plan. Maybe it was that Dinah resented Ceylan being in that position instead of her. Dinah failed to see, however, why Ceylan would be so annoyed with her. She ignored it for as long as was tolerable, but she finally had to ask.

“Something here you disapprove of?”

Ceylan opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again, stammered, and finally growled. With a sigh she said, “No. Quite the opposite.”

Dinah’s face requested clarification.

Ceylan cast her eyes over the wild expanse. “You live in a world of your own that you made. It functions by your rules. Its fate is decided by you.” Ceylan grimaced as if she were clawing her own skin. “I envy you that level of control and freedom.”

Dinah scoffed. “You’re the Advisor to the Queen of the Fire Spirits and the Hinn. Only one of our people has more power and freedom than you is our mother.”

“I live in a stage show I didn’t write. I only produce and direct the scenes the script calls for.”

The silence lasted until the moment was too far gone for either to say anything, so they moved on.

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