Samira Steps In

three sisters

Part thirty-four of Misplaced Fire

Samira held a calculating glare on Nesrin, Ceylan, and Dinah long enough to get them to squirm, then she softened her expression and let them see she her displeasure was pretended.

“Have the three of you noticed that combined you make me? Dinah, the creator of realms and protector of innocent prey; Ceylan, my wise judge and careful strategist; and Nesrin, the most rebellious, ambitious, and fierce of my children. My heart is always warmed by the sight of you working together, especially when you come out victorious as you were about to. I must admit it was partially my desire to see such an outcome that caused me to let this fandango play itself out”—she held up the bracelet on her wrist—“rather than resolve it quickly myself. I owe you sincere apologies for what you’ve had to endure, Wild Rose. Nonetheless, now that your victory is a foregone conclusion, I’m afraid I must demand the right to perform the action myself.” She turned on Patanī. “If my brother must again endure the saGkramastone, it ought to be me who presides over the process.”

The three sisters exchanged looks. Nesrin was the one who opened her mouth first. “You mean…?”

Samira tutted. “Do you really think so poorly of me as to expect me to put a clone of King Harun ahead of my own offspring?”

Samira’s face resembled a stalking tiger as she stepped closer to the condemned party. “Patanī Sila, Son of Harun, Father and First Victim of the Nameless Traitor, and Final Brother of the Queen of the Jinn, for the crime of assaulting a Princess of the Jinn, albeit a recalcitrant princess who refuses to accept the title, and for obstructing the plans of the Queen, albeit unknowingly, I declare it a fitting action to return you to the saGkramastone from which you escaped.”

She pressed the stone into his hands. The typical theatrics began. Samira watched carefully, and when Patanī’s body began dividing in two she signaled Nesrin to let the rope around his wrists fall. At the end of the process Patanī was gone. Isabelle and Jason had been safely returned.


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