Waking Up

eye view

Part thirty-five of Misplaced Fire

Jason and Isabelle were blinded by the light as they came back to consciousness. They were both pale and visibly breathless. Nesrin hugged them so tightly they collapsed and were only held up by her arms. She’d acted on impulse under the excitement of seeing them again. Their moans and whimpers when she grabbed them were what alerted her to their exhaustion. She gently sat them down.

Isabelle’s voice sounded like she was just waking up from a deep sleep. “We’re glad to see you, too, Nesrin, but give us a minute.”

Nesrin sat down between them and clasped her hands together to restrain her excitement. She still hadn’t gotten back to normal herself. Now that she had something to wait for she was starting to feel her mortality again. She’d been aware of time passing before, but the thought had never really scared her before because she knew her own allotment of time would never run out. Suddenly she didn’t have forever anymore. Now that she’d salvaged Isabelle and Jason out of the fire she was anxious to get back to normal before they all died.

Her roommates remembered their ordeal in fading flashes as they would a dream. They felt the lingering fear and exhaustion, and still saw a couple images of total darkness, but the specifics of what they’d experienced while their bodies were being hijacked were already breaking up and would soon be lost.

Jason reached into the air, trying to summon a cup of soda as if he still had his powers. At first he tried to drink as if he thought he’d succeeded, but he realized he didn’t have a cup in his hand and tried again to produce one.

Samira watched with satisfaction.

Jason finally gave up and muttered, “Oh, olvídalo.”

Nesrin gasped and hoped that if she’d ignored the warning sign it wouldn’t lead to a problem.

Isabelle traced her veins with her fingers. “We’re normal humans again, aren’t we?”

Nesrin smiled. “You were never normal, but you don’t have the powers of a Sila anymore.”

Isabelle deflated a little. “Ushh. Al menos supongo you can take us home a hora.”

Nesrin squirmed at their faces as they realized the high was over. “Not quite.” She reached for the necklace on the ground. It was still glowing with what Patanī had taken from her.

Jason looked at the rock. “Where’d that one come from?”

“From me,” Nesrin said. “Patanī used it to make me human.”

Isabelle sat up. “You’re not half hidden one anymore?”

“Not unless I touch this stone again.” For some reason she didn’t. Instead she looked at each of her roommates and loosened her grip.

Jason was already reaching for it unconsciously. “So we could still…?”

Isabelle snatched the necklace and touched the stone to Nesrin’s skin.

Nesrin’s more powerful half knit itself back to its rightful place and Nesrin felt herself becoming whole again. Every cell in her body started vibrating with electricity and her blood became searingly hot. She could feel her clock winding back up and see time slowing back down. When the restoration was complete her eyes met Isabelle’s.

They embraced as tight as they could manage. After a second they let Jason in, too.


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