Sketching Uncertainty

A small moment that takes place at the end my previous story “Mother and Child”

Isabelle studied her sketch of her newly found mother. It’d felt almost unearthly to finally draw the woman who’d been a mystery for so long. The eyebrows still weren’t quite right, though. There was also too much white space beside her, demanding a sketch of the still-unknown father. She lowered the pencil to sketch how she imagined he looked, but fantasy would look wrong next to reality. She forced herself to start the circle for the face, but stopped half way. In the end she turned the semi-circle into a question mark and put down the pencil.

6 thoughts on “Sketching Uncertainty

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    1. Thank you very much. I’ve always enjoyed the insightful observations of life you post on your blog, and am thrilled you enjoy my work as well. As for the “what next,” it takes Isabelle awhile to continue her search, but I have a manuscript for a novel I’m trying to get traditionally published where she does get some answers.


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