absorbing fire

Part Thirty-six of Misplaced Fire

Samira discreetly magicked the necklace out of Nesrin’s hands and into her own. Without saying a word Samira went to Nesrin’s storehouse and found the tree Nesrin had earlier used in her gambit against Patanī. She used the necklace to extract the random fire spirit from the tree, then put the recharged necklace back where it belonged in her own vault. That done, she went back to Dinah’s jungle to retrieve the clump of sentient moss she’d had Dinah hold. She collected it and slipped away to the Palace of Mirrors. The jagged rock wall was all mirror, surrounding her in bright lights and countless reflections of herself. She was now amongst the most dangerous criminals of the jinn realm, but she was secluded in a part of the prison none of them could reach.

She was still wearing the bracelet that contained Patanī. She wrapped the moss around bracelet and let the usual process happen. The moss appeared normal at first. Samira established a telepathic link and focused hard until she had drawn out Patanī’s mind and he had morphed into his true form. Portraits of Patanī challenged portraits of Samira for space in the reflective walls.

The second Patanī was reawakened he raised a hand to slap her. She used a bolt of lightening to sever his hand before he could make contact. She quickly threw a shield up around herself and rammed another bolt through his chest to pin him against the wall. With him safely immobilized she reattached his hand.

Patanī was not truly injured but was in pain and furious. “Does family mean nothing to you?”

“I won’t demean myself to point out the hypocrisy.” Samira stalked in circles before him. “I thank you, Brother. You remind me of why I ran from our father when we were born and spent millennia at odds with our people.” She stopped to examine his reaction and consider possible outcomes. “If I left you to your own devices, I would only gain another potential threat.”

“Your daughters did attack me first.”

“They were provoked.”

“Because I possessed a couple of humans? I call that a weak justification.”

“Then you have much to learn, but in any case, your actions toward my children are not my only cause for apprehension. You were also beginning to covet my throne, and your attempt to strike me just now proves you do not know your limits.”

“You are mistaken.”

Samira looked into his eyes and performed one last reading of his secrets. “I had hoped I was. Alas.” She grasped the lighting bolt in his chest and used it to drag him deeper into the prison. “I intended it as a mercy that you have your autonomy back,” she ripped the lightning out of him, “but it does expose you to the discomfort of being surrounded by mirrors.” She removed the bracelet from her wrist. “There are dangers in this place. You may need this for protection.” She sat it on the ground. “Or you may wish to retreat from your reflections. I leave that up to you.”

She departed without further ado.


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