The Sailor in the Wind

A heavy wind wracked the water above Gulfia. Julrane floated near the surface, letting the rougher currents carry her back and forth and spin her around.

She felt hands grab her arm from above and pull her out of the waves. Someone dragged her into a moderately sized wooden boat and deposited her on the boat’s floor. At first she was too surprised to move. She was still getting her bearings when a young man stood over her, an astonished expression on his face. Since he now filled her entire line of vision, she studied his appearance. The wind was blowing his hair like a flag. His face was wet from where he’d gotten splashed pulling her out of the water, showing his sharp, jagged features.

She lifted herself closer to him, and slapped him across his stupid wet face with all the force of an arm strengthened by continual swimming and digging. He reeled sideways and she heard him slam into the side of the boat just before she leapt back into the water.

5 thoughts on “The Sailor in the Wind

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    1. Ah, I may have to revise that last bit. I meant to say that he fell to the floor of the boat and she jumped off to get away from him. The way it’s written now, I can see where some confusion is possible.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Drew. It is very appreciated. How are you holding up in the midst of everything?

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      1. Well, that is the reason you posted it. You see how people interpret it. If it isn’t the meaning or reaction you hoped, you edit it.
        So look at it as something positive.

        I have to laugh to be honest. Yeah, I have some health problems, but I spend my days writing poetry beneath a palm tree. Toughing things out. I am well.

        Thanks for asking. Appreciate it.
        Between poems and blogging and poetry I am editing my novel. Will post an excerpt soon.

        Stay inspired David.

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