Thoughts of Ghosts

By now the ghostly voices echoed in choruses around her as she walked through the tunnels. Only periodically did she hear a phrase distinctly.

“Galit told us water was the foundation of life. Why then do I feel as if I embraced the sea only so it could kill me?”

Julrane ignored the question, but she couldn’t ignore the voice that answered.

“Maybe the question answers itself, since dying makes immortals of us all.”

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of Ghosts

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  1. Julrane! She is my favorite.

    What a beautiful pirouette David.
    live/death/immortality(life). I love this little piece. It’s beautiful.
    David, I really can’t wait for your book to be out. As I said: We will really celebrate then.
    Good night. Have a beautiful day tomorrow.

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