A Tribute to Truck Stops


Visiting a truck stop is near the top of the list of things that evoke the feeling of travel for me, along with standing in the lobby of a hotel and perusing brochures at a rest stop. Those three things always make me feel like I’m on vacation miles away from home, even if I’m actually only twenty minutes away from my house (like I was when the picture was taken). A normal gas station doesn’t do it for me; it has to be a truck stop, somewhere I can try my luck on a skill crane, turn right around and select a piece of fine jewelry, and then try on hats while I admire the wide variety of vehicle accessories available. Gas stations are geared towards drivers, commuters, people that probably pass the place every day. Truck stops are geared towards travelers, people from who knows where that may or not ever visit again, and soaking that atmosphere in makes me feel like I’m a traveler too. That’s why I went with this picture. I had an urge to feel like a traveler today.

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