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An Indeterminate Number of Nights is a blog where I showcase my creative endeavors. Sometimes my posts are poems or short stories, and other times they’re photographs or digital drawings.* Always they reflect the questions or ideas that are running lose in my mind at the time.

Most of the stories focus on adopted siblings Isabelle and Jason Clements and their half jinn roommate Nesrin Halfire, who turns Jason and Isabelle’s lives into ones of unexpected experiences and fantastical adventures, especially when Nesrin’s family is involved. A handful of NI&J posts are also excerpts from my work-in-progress novel, which those characters star in and which I am currently trying to get published.

Going forward, I plan to spend more time on a character I call Julrane of the Sea Dwellers, a solitary figure who tends the gardens of the underwater city known as Gulfia. Whether in the form of narrative poems or prose drabbles, the stories center on her life, her connection to her plants, and her search into the history of her people.


The Author

I am a recent graduate of the University of South Alabama’s masters program in Creative Writing. I completed my undergraduate work at Spring Hill College in 2017, with a double major in creative writing and theology. My primary interests include trains, books, and daydreaming. I grew up in the Fowl River area of Alabama surrounded by family members telling stories, which is where my love of my craft began.



* All images on this blog are my own.

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