An Indeterminate Number of Nights is a blog where I showcase my writing by posting both standalone stories and exerpts of longer projects. Artwork of the characters will also occasionally appear.

Most stories and novel exerpts follow three roommates named Nesrin, Isabelle, and Jason. As Isabelle and Jason discover, Nesrin is half jinn (or hidden one, as Nesrin says), and living with her means a life of unexpected experiences and fantastical stories.

I’m also working on a collection of narrative poetry centered on a character called Julrane of the Sea Dwellers, a solitary figure who tends the gardens of the underwater city she calls home. Look for poems centered on her adventures from time to time.



The author:

David Wesley Woolverton has just completed the masters program at the University of South Alabama with a degree in English concentrating in creative writing. He completed his undergraduate work at Spring Hill College in 2017, with a double major in creative writing and theology. His primary interests include trains, books, and daydreaming. He grew up in the Fowl River area of Alabama surrounded by family members telling stories, which is where his love of his craft began.