The Style and Home of Aravis Quarterfire

Aravis Quarterfire - Ceylan’s daughter, Nesrin’s favorite niece, and the object of Isabelle’s hero worship. I think Isabelle would appreciate that they were drawn in similar poses. The interesting thing about making these portraits is how far they go towards developing my understanding of the characters. It forces consideration of details such as the character’s... Continue Reading →

Ceylan Portrait and Character Squeezes

Presenting a portrait of Ceylan, Nesrin's closest sister and advisor to Her Exalted Highness Samira Sila the Rebellious.   Also presenting a sequence of one-clause personality summaries of the main characters and more important recurring characters, just for the fun of it: Nesrin Halfire - Whatever she needs to be at the time. Isabelle Clements - Once... Continue Reading →

This week's character portrait is of Isabelle's impulsive, slightly unobservant, but well-meaning brother, Jason Clements. As the image on his shirt implies, Jason has a fondness for squirrels. As he once told Nesrin, "When we were little a squirrel used to climb up on my bedroom windowsill and knock until I brought peanuts, then it... Continue Reading →

Here we have a portrait of Isabelle, the focal character of the last major story and the next. Her hobbies include painting ceramics, drawing, and Taekwondo. She also has a fondness for second-hand items, but (paradoxically) distrusts flea markets because her adoptive grandmother always taught her that "they're called that for a reason." Isabelle is a... Continue Reading →

  I decided to do a portrait for Julrane of the Sea Dwellers next because I love this character. She also gets a drabble to herself for the same reason. *** As soon as Nesrin was asleep Julrane grabbed a flower she’d been hiding and snuck out to plant it. She knew Nesrin was named... Continue Reading →

Today we have a character portrait of  Nesrin, and also my first attempt at drawing a character on a digital program.

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