Fretting Ceylan and Planning Samira

Part twenty-seven of Misplaced Fire Ceylan had returned to her usual post in the Minor Court at Lesslight, since there was nothing she could do anywhere else. Isabelle and Jason had no further need of her guidance, and Nesrin refused to accept it. At least at Lesslight she could watch Samira’s movements and gauge how... Continue Reading →

Nesrin Remembers

Part twenty-six of Misplaced Fire Nesrin felt as if she were made of ice instead of fire when she looked at the lamp Ceylan had put in front of her. So vivid was the memory of her confinement that in an instant she was transported back to that moment in her mind. Everyone else only... Continue Reading →

Angry, Irrational Strategizing

Part twenty-five of Misplaced Fire Dinah and Aravis found Nesrin in the preserved ruins of Karatepe. She was aggressively blasting the moss off a lion statue. Nesrin didn’t look at them. “I’m getting that bracelet back from Mother.” Dinah’s voice was deadpan. “Fury is clouding your judgement.” “Like Gehenna it is.” “You haven’t got a... Continue Reading →


Part twenty-four of Misplaced Fire Patanī tested his arms and legs. He was able to move with all the control and fluidity he’d had before his supposed demise. The words he spoke in Jinni translated to, “I am indebted to you, my deer nieces, for taking such a long time over your task. Had you... Continue Reading →

Consuming Fire

Part twenty-three of Misplaced Fire  Isabelle looked up at the dragon her brother was currently shaped as, trying and failing to see his eyes. “What do you mean I didn’t?” “You didn’t do that to Nesrin. I did. Or rather, the half of me you have did.” Isabelle cocked her head as she tried to... Continue Reading →

What Waits in Shadow

Part twenty-two of Misplaced Fire Jason looked at his hands, looking for the power behind them. “They control us? How can that happen?” Nesrin admired Dinah’s flute. “Isabelle, you’re the psychology major; explain what’s dangerous about ignoring your shadow self.” Isabelle frowned at being put through her paces. “The lack of self-knowledge gives the unconscious... Continue Reading →

The Flute

Part twenty-one of Misplaced Fire Dinah picked up the flute from the table. Originally plain wood, she had decorated it in different styles during different eras to reflect the changes in herself. The current iteration was characterized by feathers hanging on black string. She pointed the flute at Nesrin, Isabelle, and Jason. “Whoever moved it,... Continue Reading →

The Flicker Before the Flare

Part twenty of Misplaced Fire In the background, unnoticed by the diners, the water in Dinah’s pool drew itself into a pile and started to rise in a fountain that took the form of two dolphins revolving around each other. Aravis was the first to see it. “Is that Sapphire Water from the hurricane that’s... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Dinah’s

Part nineteen of Misplaced Fire When the meal started the conversation had been about anything except Jason and Isabelle’s condition. Aravis was still trying to prove a point from a previous argument. “I know Granny Samira allows full-blooded humans at Lesslight; you met my dad at Lesslight.” Ceylan swirled the barely wine in her glass.... Continue Reading →

Scenery Change

Part eighteen of Misplaced Fire It was five hours before Jason and Isabelle started to wake up. The first sight they saw was heavy black curtains draped around them on a frame like a tent. They were lying on a mattress covered in dark blue silk. Neither of their heads especially hurt, apart from the... Continue Reading →

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