Vacation Picture Quartet

Worth a 1,001 words each, and better than any 4,004 words I could come up with.


A Little Abstract Imagery

"And now for something completely different." An abstract painting from my Etsy site, titled Imagery.  Can you see the title in the lines? Backstory: This was done for an undergraduate design class. We were promised extra points if we could successfully incorporate imagery in an abstract design. This was my tongue-in-cheek response.

Found Quote

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced." The quote is often attributed to Søren Kierkegaard, though I've seen some sources that suggest it didn't actually come from him, with differing evidence as to where it originated. As much as I admire Kierkegaard, I admit I haven't read all... Continue Reading →

The Style and Home of Aravis Quarterfire

Aravis Quarterfire - Ceylan’s daughter, Nesrin’s favorite niece, and the object of Isabelle’s hero worship. I think Isabelle would appreciate that they were drawn in similar poses. The interesting thing about making these portraits is how far they go towards developing my understanding of the characters. It forces consideration of details such as the character’s... Continue Reading →

A Thank You, a Reset, and an Apologia

   Although it seems like hardly any time has passed, I have been blogging for barely over a year now, and I want to thank everyone who has viewed, liked, and commented throughout that year. Your support and encouragement has meant a great deal to me, and I hope you found the content worthwhile. This past year... Continue Reading →

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