Ping-Pong, Clements Family Style

It took a ping-pong ball brushing against her cheek and almost getting knocked over by Isabelle for Nesrin to decide Jason was right and she should watch from the doorway rather than the couch in the middle of the room. Isabelle and Jason were playing against their cousin Charlotte and her boyfriend Alex, but with... Continue Reading →


In the Dark

  Alhana watched through a dusty window as Nesrin walked up the wooden board walk to the restaurant’s entrance. Nesrin had stopped to look at one of the wood pillars that supported the awning. The pillars were really trunks of small trees that had been cut and de-limbed. That made them thick, and as a... Continue Reading →

Rewrite: The Meeting – Part 3 of 3

A brown Persian Greyhound walked out of a cluster of trees and nosed Nesrin’s leg. Isabelle squealed and rushed to pet her. “She’s so cute! You didn’t tell me your mom had a doggy.” Nesrin rolled her eyes. “She doesn’t.” Isabelle leapt back with a yelp as the dog erupted into flames and morphed into... Continue Reading →

Rewrite: The Meeting – Part 2 of 3

Ceylan stopped under a tree with a bronze limb. “The limb’s lost its leaves. The trap’s already been tripped.” She looked inside a hole in the tree. “Empty. The trap didn’t work.” She walked more quickly to the next trap, a rock of red gold. “It’s pushed into the rubies. This one’s been tripped too,... Continue Reading →

Rewrite: The Meeting – Part 1 of 3

“The very thought is absurd. In millennia of ruling Mother has never done anything like what she’s accused of unprovoked.” “She hasn’t, but the other rulers have, and the see everything through their own lens.” Nesrin still wasn’t happy about having to impersonate Samira, especially not when she was on trial. Ceylan had just gotten... Continue Reading →

Nesrin’s Comet

When Nesrin looked into the burning rock hurtling towards her, she was grateful to have her uncountable siblings around her. One hidden one acting alone can only divert a comet with monumental effort, but a large gathering of them can manage quite easily. She heard her mother say “Wait till it comes through the clouds to... Continue Reading →

Conventional Adventures

Isabelle and Jason adjusted their costumes as they walked into the building for the local comic book and fantasy convention downtown. Isabelle had on a blond wig, a white button-down shirt with a blue and silver tie, and a shin-length black skirt. Jason had on a black trench coat with a dark blue scarf-ish thing... Continue Reading →

Restoring Memories

Nesrin and Ceylan had just joined the restoration staff of an open-air museum preserving the remains of an ancient city. They surveyed the ruins around them, finding very little left of the city; some scraps of wall, a few statues, minuscule traces of road. Nesrin stopped to pet the nose of a stone lion, analyzing... Continue Reading →

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