How to Track Your Dragon/Lion Hybrid

Part five of Misplaced Fire Dinah considered what to say about Jason’s ‘efforts’ with his phone, decided they didn’t merit dignifying with a response, and didn’t provide one. She did however, cut her eyes at Nesrin. Nesrin telepathically told her sister, “Yes, he’s always like that.” First light was just breaking. It was still a... Continue Reading →


Found Quote

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced." The quote is often attributed to Søren Kierkegaard, though I've seen some sources that suggest it didn't actually come from him, with differing evidence as to where it originated. As much as I admire Kierkegaard, I admit I haven't read all... Continue Reading →

Living Mountains and Dead-end Trails

Part four of Misplaced Fire Jason and Isabelle both fell on their backs for the second time in an hour when the mountain started to rock back and forth. Aravis helped Isabelle up while Dinah offered to help Jason up. Jason pulled his hand back and reached for Nesrin. When he was on his feet... Continue Reading →

Meeting Dinah

Part thee of Misplaced Fire Aravis and Dinah were standing on top of a mountain overlooking Dinah’s jungle on one side and a seemingly infinite wall of hardened white tar on the other. The ground was warm, and the grass was a dull reddish brown, with a consistency more like animal hair. Aravis had taken... Continue Reading →

Speaking Without Thought

Jonathan was the first to ask the obvious question. “So could you give us unlimited wealth or anything like that?” He never could be subtle. “In a way, in a way not. A jinn does not magically create wealth. Any treasure we give to a person comes from our own storehouses. By your standards my... Continue Reading →

An Interrupted Interruption

Part two of Misplaced Fire She came out gradually. They saw the light of her costume before they saw her. Even fully costumed and masked, no one who had met Aravis Quarterfire could not recognize her. Her movements were just slightly too fluid to be human, each motion of a limb appearing carefully deliberated to... Continue Reading →

The Style and Home of Aravis Quarterfire

Aravis Quarterfire - Ceylan’s daughter, Nesrin’s favorite niece, and the object of Isabelle’s hero worship. I think Isabelle would appreciate that they were drawn in similar poses. The interesting thing about making these portraits is how far they go towards developing my understanding of the characters. It forces consideration of details such as the character’s... Continue Reading →

Above the Noise and Lights

Part one of Misplaced Fire Nesrin was counting on the darkness of night, coupled with the blinding sounds and deafening spectacles of Mardi Gras in the Port City, to distract audiences when she appeared on the roof of the Convention Center with Isabelle and Jason. She wasn’t disappointed. A two-story lighted freight train that went... Continue Reading →

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