(Trying to) Head for the Hills

Part thirteen of Misplaced Fire After Isabelle took the fifth picture of Jason dressed as her madre, Jason’s face brightened  as if a light bulb had turned on. He whispered something into Isabelle’s ear, then vanished. Nesrin stood up with such force that it knocked her chair down. “Where did he go?” Isabelle vanished too.... Continue Reading →


A Jealous Genie

My roommate walked into the home office we’d made out of the spare bedroom and was greeted by the sight of Gobelen sitting with his feet on the desk, holding one of my daggers. “Welcome back,” the jinni said. “Did you two enjoy your outing?” “There were people out there. What d’you think?” “People?” Gobelen... Continue Reading →

Living Their Fantasies

Part twelve of Misplaced Fire Nesrin’s lips were now twitching to the point of it being more accurate to say they were vibrating. She forced herself to speak to Isabelle and Jason. “Well, for now you’ve got powers I don’t even have. If you’ve ever wanted to shape shift, this is the time.” Aravis said,... Continue Reading →

Novel Quotes Out of Context

A selection of quotes from my work-in-progress manuscript, but without any of the surrounding scenes. I still don't have a working title I'm happy with, but to be honest I find it's best if I create the title last anyway; that way the title fits the work instead of me forcing the work to fit... Continue Reading →


Part eleven of Misplaced Fire They got to the apartment in time to see Isabelle catch fire and Jason extinguish himself. Nesrin’s lip twitched. “Their first steps and I missed it.” Ceylan and Aravis hugged tightly. Aravis’s eyes were closed, but Ceylan was making the kind of eye contact with Dinah that only comes from... Continue Reading →

Drabble: Gathering Clouds

Alhana camped at alone at Bethel that night, watching the distant lights of the jinn convoy continue their journey towards Solomon palace. The whole arrangement was indecent, for the jinn as well as the king, a fact they would all learn the hard way in time. Not all of the jinn had become servants of... Continue Reading →

Consulting an Advisor

Part ten of Misplaced Fire Nesrin had never been overly comfortable in Lesslight. She’d given Jason and Isabelle the impression that the Great Hall was the center of the Hidden Realm, and on earth it was, but Samira’s real capital and base of operations was a city carved into the core of Earth’s Moon. The... Continue Reading →

Drabble: Charcoal Prison

Jonathan and I collapsed onto the coal-covered ground and gave in to the exhaustion. Being imprisoned in a drawing  hadn’t been on the list things we’d prepared for when we’d woken up that morning, and because of that we weren’t ready for tearing down a wall made of runes so Gobelen could zap us home.... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself

Part nine of Misplaced Fire Nesrin snapped the bracelet onto her wrist, aiming the stone so it wouldn’t touch her. “Fine. Lesson number one: how well did you know your bodies before this happened?” Jason’s face looked as if he were trying to solve advanced algebraic equations without a calculator. “Know our bodies? You mean... Continue Reading →

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