Backstage View

Part thirty-one of Misplaced Fire Nesrin looked out from the shadow of the door while Ceylan and Dinah cleared the way for her to get a run a Patanī. She put herself under a perception block, just incase she was spotted, despite her certainty that she wouldn't be. She watched her sisters with a performer's... Continue Reading →

Start the Performance

Part thirty of Misplaced Fire Nesrin and Ceylan were camped in Nesrin’s storehouse in front three gargantuan trees. The trees were the shape of an oak, but they were so covered in kudzu from root to highest branch that their appearance more closely resembled overgrown bushes. Twenty four hours ago Nesrin had pressed her stolen... Continue Reading →

Stages and Scripts

Ceylan and Dinah undeniably loved each other but they weren't sure if they liked each other. The first time Ceylan had seen Dinah's jungle, they had both been leaning strongly towards dislike. Ceylan had been in costume for a performance Samira was about to stage. In fact Ceylan had only come to borrow a pegasus... Continue Reading →

Plant Life

Part twenty-nine of Misplaced Fire Samira had arranged to meet Patani at Dinah's castle. They stood in the same checkered garden where Patani had overwhelmed Isabelle and Jason. Samira had chosen the place so she could look at Dinah's shrubs, the ones shaped like centaurs, fauns, and monopeds. Their pots weren't immediately visible. The plants... Continue Reading →

Unsafe Keeping

Part twenty-eight of Misplaced Fire Ceylan and Nesrin argued as they walked. Something about standing on the mountain of rubies that harbored Samira’s vault bred tension. Nonetheless they continued their advancement along the footpath, coming closer and closer to the first trap. Two pirates Nesrin had long held as zombified prisoners walked in front of... Continue Reading →

Fretting Ceylan and Planning Samira

Part twenty-seven of Misplaced Fire Ceylan had returned to her usual post in the Minor Court at Lesslight, since there was nothing she could do anywhere else. Isabelle and Jason had no further need of her guidance, and Nesrin refused to accept it. At least at Lesslight she could watch Samira’s movements and gauge how... Continue Reading →

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