Nesrin Remembers

Part twenty-six of Misplaced Fire Nesrin felt as if she were made of ice instead of fire when she looked at the lamp Ceylan had put in front of her. So vivid was the memory of her confinement that in an instant she was transported back to that moment in her mind. Everyone else only... Continue Reading →

Lost Episodes

Jason walked out on the balcony and found Nesrin there reading one of her journals, apparently one of the early ones, since the volume was a parchment scroll. He and Nesrin smiled at each other and she returned to her reading. He sat down and started reading a news article on his phone. Out of... Continue Reading →

The Vengeful Pirate

Been working on a short story for class, and during the brainstorming process I came up with this opening. Don't know if it'll end up fitting the story for class, but since it's close to Halloween, I thought the tone and subject matter made it worth sharing here as a flash fic.    For a... Continue Reading →

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