Double Drabbles: “Basra” and “Kitchen Nightmares”

Gobelen surveyed the cards in the floor. The deck was nearly used up, it would not be long until the game was finished. He and Alhana kept all their cards floating around them while they moved in a continuous circle around each other. This did nothing to distract either player, but the motion was part... Continue Reading →


Drabble: Confrontation

This is the conclusion of the flash fiction sequence I read in St. Louis. As such, it does finish the arc, but since these drabbles have only been the skeleton of a story, without all the pieces filed in, excerpts featuring these characters will still be posted out of chronological order from time to time.... Continue Reading →

Drabble: Proposal

Gobelen had warned us that an old enemy of his named Wathanni might come looking for him. At the time I was unconcerned. Now that I’d been encased in a pillar of charcoal, I was more concerned, and slightly frustrated that I could still hear the two of them eating and talking. “Gobelen, do you... Continue Reading →

Drabble: The Power of Alhana

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and post. Part of the reason (among other things) is that I spent a few days at the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society convention in St. Louis, Missouri, where I had the opportunity to read a selection of my flash fiction... Continue Reading →

Drabble: The Traveler

Alhana watched as a ragged, ill-kept jann made his way across the desert. Evidently he was a traveler, destined to roam creation for eternity. Something was off, though. Jann were the weakest order of jinn, but this one had a certain air about him. It felt as if he were radiating power. Alhana walked closer.... Continue Reading →

Drabble: A Hidden Image

The three of us sat in the library, each working on individual projects. Gobelen had found himself a book in one of the more remote cases on the library’s second floor. The superficial human form he wore for our benefit was that of an Arabian male a little younger than myself, and based on how... Continue Reading →

Drabble: Reentering the World

I looked up as my newly released genie friend appeared in the room. “How'd it go?” Gobelen reclined in the air. “You will rejoice to know that your generous concern about my being harassed was not warranted. I spent the early morning in your worship place resuming my prayers, then began learning what has transpired while... Continue Reading →

Drabble: Consider

Gobelen shook his head and smiled. He seemed more amused than insulted that we questioned whether we really saw him or not. “You still doubt your senses, Dear Rescuers. You still believe the jinn to be merely the creations of stories, found nowhere but in the minstrel’s song. Why do you wonder so when we’ve... Continue Reading →

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