Unsafe Keeping

Part twenty-eight of Misplaced Fire Ceylan and Nesrin argued as they walked. Something about standing on the mountain of rubies that harbored Samira’s vault bred tension. Nonetheless they continued their advancement along the footpath, coming closer and closer to the first trap. Two pirates Nesrin had long held as zombified prisoners walked in front of... Continue Reading →

Consuming Fire

Part twenty-three of Misplaced Fire  Isabelle looked up at the dragon her brother was currently shaped as, trying and failing to see his eyes. “What do you mean I didn’t?” “You didn’t do that to Nesrin. I did. Or rather, the half of me you have did.” Isabelle cocked her head as she tried to... Continue Reading →

What Waits in Shadow

Part twenty-two of Misplaced Fire Jason looked at his hands, looking for the power behind them. “They control us? How can that happen?” Nesrin admired Dinah’s flute. “Isabelle, you’re the psychology major; explain what’s dangerous about ignoring your shadow self.” Isabelle frowned at being put through her paces. “The lack of self-knowledge gives the unconscious... Continue Reading →

In the Strangest Places

Part six of Misplaced Fire When they arrived at the museum they were standing on a metal grate platform looking out from two stories up at a pipe organ with massive pipes extending three stories up the wall. The section they were in looked neither entirely cave-like nor entirely museum-like. More like a Tim Burton-ized... Continue Reading →

How to Track Your Dragon/Lion Hybrid

Part five of Misplaced Fire Dinah considered what to say about Jason’s ‘efforts’ with his phone, decided they didn’t merit dignifying with a response, and didn’t provide one. She did however, cut her eyes at Nesrin. Nesrin telepathically told her sister, “Yes, he’s always like that.” First light was just breaking. It was still a... Continue Reading →

Living Mountains and Dead-end Trails

Part four of Misplaced Fire Jason and Isabelle both fell on their backs for the second time in an hour when the mountain started to rock back and forth. Aravis helped Isabelle up while Dinah offered to help Jason up. Jason pulled his hand back and reached for Nesrin. When he was on his feet... Continue Reading →

Meeting Dinah

Part thee of Misplaced Fire Aravis and Dinah were standing on top of a mountain overlooking Dinah’s jungle on one side and a seemingly infinite wall of hardened white tar on the other. The ground was warm, and the grass was a dull reddish brown, with a consistency more like animal hair. Aravis had taken... Continue Reading →


This is the conclusion of the flash fiction sequence I read in St. Louis. As such, it does finish the arc, but since these drabbles have only been the skeleton of a story, without all the pieces filed in, excerpts featuring these characters will still be posted out of chronological order from time to time.... Continue Reading →

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