Whenever Julrane harvested the produce from her garden, the procedure was for her to take the baskets in a certain part of the Citadel to be inventoried by Aliphaz, the manager of the King’s house. She had to wait in the storehouse with him while he made sure everything was in order. He held up... Continue Reading →

Staring at Steam

Isabelle sat on the balcony, waiting. She zipped her jacket as the winds started to come through. Finally Nesrin came out and handed her a mug of simmering water. Nesrin, holding a steaming mug of her own, sat down in the chair beside her. Isabelle looked at the mug. It was the one with the... Continue Reading →

Framing Fantasies

Isabelle tried about sixty different arrangements before she finally settled on how to place the pictures of her and her madre in the 100-picture frame. The pics where she was youngest were in the center, and she got progressively older in each row until she reached the present in the frame’s outer edges. She stepped... Continue Reading →

Lost Episodes

Jason walked out on the balcony and found Nesrin there reading one of her journals, apparently one of the early ones, since the volume was a parchment scroll. He and Nesrin smiled at each other and she returned to her reading. He sat down and started reading a news article on his phone. Out of... Continue Reading →

A Jealous Genie

My roommate walked into the home office we’d made out of the spare bedroom and was greeted by the sight of Gobelen sitting with his feet on the desk, holding one of my daggers. “Welcome back,” the jinni said. “Did you two enjoy your outing?” “There were people out there. What d’you think?” “People?” Gobelen... Continue Reading →

Gathering Clouds

Alhana camped at alone at Bethel that night, watching the distant lights of the jinn convoy continue their journey towards Solomon palace. The whole arrangement was indecent, for the jinn as well as the king, a fact they would all learn the hard way in time. Not all of the jinn had become servants of... Continue Reading →

Charcoal Prison

Jonathan and I collapsed onto the coal-covered ground and gave in to the exhaustion. Being imprisoned in a drawing  hadn’t been on the list things we’d prepared for when we’d woken up that morning, and because of that we weren’t ready for tearing down a wall made of runes so Gobelen could zap us home.... Continue Reading →

The Strike

Julrane clenched the spear. A firm and forceful strike was critical, both to make sure the weapon went in deep enough, and to get it in at all. The aim was critical too. Having to make multiple strikes would not only display a sloppiness she despised, it would require more time and effort. Vital as... Continue Reading →

From Texting to Vegas

  My phone knocked to let me know I had a text message. I clicked the notification and smiled when I saw who it was from. “What does Charlotte want?” Jonathan asked. “What makes think it’s Charlotte?” “Because you’re making your stupid Charlotte face. It’s always her when you make that face.” To be honest,... Continue Reading →

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