Gobelen shook his head and smiled. He seemed more amused than insulted that we questioned whether we really saw him or not. “You still doubt your senses, Dear Rescuers. You still believe the jinn to be merely the creations of stories, found nowhere but in the minstrel’s song. Why do you wonder so when we’ve... Continue Reading →

Cave of Clutter

On some days Isabelle and Jason would do almost anything to avoid their school work, even if it meant technically doing more work. This time the distraction was going through the boxes they kept in the spare bedroom, separating things they wanted to keep from things they could get rid of. Clothes, books, toys, pictures,... Continue Reading →

The Bottle Opens

  Gobelen’s memories of the dark day were vivid. Then again, he had no way of knowing how long ago that day was when his prison permitted him no light or sound. There was only the voice that had sentenced him to the bottle ringing neverendingly in his ears, and the visions of the lead... Continue Reading →

The Illusionist and the Siblings

Isabelle and Jason generally agreed that the main reason for going to the local flea market was to people-watch. They admitted the place sold unique items, but they couldn’t get past their grandmother’s assertion that flea markets were called that for a reason. They were definitely leery of any second-hand merchandise, which was annoying since... Continue Reading →

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