The Adventure Hits the Rock

Part seven of Misplaced Fire Aravis’ hand emerged from the liogon’s mane with a thick, plain, silver bracelet baring a substantial cluster of jagged, transparent, yellow rock. Dinah swatted the bracelet out of her hand and she and Nesrin both took a step back as it hit the floor. “That’s saGkramastone. Thank Heaven Above you... Continue Reading →

Living Mountains and Dead-end Trails

Part four of Misplaced Fire Jason and Isabelle both fell on their backs for the second time in an hour when the mountain started to rock back and forth. Aravis helped Isabelle up while Dinah offered to help Jason up. Jason pulled his hand back and reached for Nesrin. When he was on his feet... Continue Reading →

The Illusionist and the Siblings

Isabelle and Jason generally agreed that the main reason for going to the local flea market was to people-watch. They admitted the place sold unique items, but they couldn’t get past their grandmother’s assertion that flea markets were called that for a reason. They were definitely leery of any second-hand merchandise, which was annoying since... Continue Reading →

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