Greetings from the Styx

Part thirty-three of Misplaced Fire Nesrin stood unaided by Ceylan or Dinah, watching with a snarling smirk as Patanī writhed against the ties on his wrists. Though she wasn’t singing, Nesrin’s voice vibrated with the music of a dirge as she spoke to her uncle. “The Nymphs of the River Styx have not had the... Continue Reading →

The Vengeful Pirate

Been working on a short story for class, and during the brainstorming process I came up with this opening. Don't know if it'll end up fitting the story for class, but since it's close to Halloween, I thought the tone and subject matter made it worth sharing here as a flash fic.    For a... Continue Reading →


Gobelen shook his head and smiled. He seemed more amused than insulted that we questioned whether we really saw him or not. “You still doubt your senses, Dear Rescuers. You still believe the jinn to be merely the creations of stories, found nowhere but in the minstrel’s song. Why do you wonder so when we’ve... Continue Reading →

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