Rewrite: The Meeting – Part 3 of 3

A brown Persian Greyhound walked out of a cluster of trees and nosed Nesrin’s leg. Isabelle squealed and rushed to pet her. “She’s so cute! You didn’t tell me your mom had a doggy.” Nesrin rolled her eyes. “She doesn’t.” Isabelle leapt back with a yelp as the dog erupted into flames and morphed into... Continue Reading →

Rewrite: The Meeting – Part 2 of 3

Ceylan stopped under a tree with a bronze limb. “The limb’s lost its leaves. The trap’s already been tripped.” She looked inside a hole in the tree. “Empty. The trap didn’t work.” She walked more quickly to the next trap, a rock of red gold. “It’s pushed into the rubies. This one’s been tripped too,... Continue Reading →

The Meeting

This story was revised later for a few reasons. This draft is no longer canon.   Nesrin and Ceylan were pacing around the top room of the Great Hall. Ceylan had gotten her sister up to speed on their society’s politics, and their defense for the less than ethical actions their mother was accused of.... Continue Reading →

The Visitor

  Isabelle and Jason walked through the apartment’s front door to the sight of the place seemingly cleaning itself at an intense rate. It stopped and Nesrin appeared directly in front of them. “Hey. You’re back. School must be over for the day.” They walked past her with raised eyebrows. Isabelle put her bookbag down... Continue Reading →

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